shared dining menu

An informal, relaxed & interactive way to eat – this menu consists of beautifully presented platters of food designed specifically for guests to share.

Gone are the days of “chicken or fish?”, our sharing menus provide guests with a large variety of delicious options and create an interactive, social atmosphere, while also being a cost effective. What more could you want?!

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ED dixon Food Design shared menu menus catering
Ed Dixon Food Design cocktail menu

cocktail party menu

Showcasing our passion for fresh, creative and delicious food, our cocktail menu is perfect for private and corporate events.

Whether it’s a light offering for evening drinks or a substantial cocktail party, our imaginative and extensive menu options will ensure your guests are stylishly and generously looked after.

We value locally grown, seasonal and ethically sourced produce.

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dining menu

To accommodate your needs as flexibly as possible our dining menu offers a choice of three dining styles.

chef’s menu
A chance to show off!  This menu offers a delicious and creative dining experience with an emphasis on style, flavour (of course!) and a nod to current food trends.  Our chef’s menu will bring a sophisticated edge to your event.

bistro menu
For more relaxed occasions, where the emphasis is on good wine and conversation as much as good food, our bistro menu provides simple and delicious menu options. Presentation and flavour are still paramount!

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Ed Dison Food Design dining menu Melbourne's best wedding menu for a formal sit-down reception Also perfect for corporate dinner events and Christmas parties and functions
Ed Dixon Food Design corporate catering

corporate entertaining menu 

boardroom dining
a chef & waiter, the best tableware, divine food & privacy

working catering
platter food for team meetings, casual workshops & drinks parties

catering anywhere
looking for an interesting space to host a workshop, impress clients or reward your workers?

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barbecue menu

Sometimes simple is best. Our focus on excellent produce allows our barbecue menus to be fresh, easy and delicious.

With several options available, the barbecue menu is perfect for an informal dinner, a relaxed wedding or to be served from a grazing table in a park.

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Ed Dixon Food Design BBQ menu
ed dixon food design beverage package

beverage menu

a cocktail is a great way to kick start festivities! Whether you fancy a refreshing spritzer, a champagne cocktail, something long and cool, or perhaps an espresso martini after dinner, the sky is the limit when it comes to our cocktail inspiration! we love to design special drinks packages to complement a particular event concept or budget.

we also have a wide range of Australian and international wine and beers – paired perfectly with your choice of catering menu.

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